Employee Engagement Boot Camp

Sunday, March 27th

About the Session

Many organizations know employee engagement is essential to success, but few approach it in the right way. Bonuses, thank-you notes, employee-of-the-month awards and similar initiatives may produce temporary boosts in morale but do not build a long-term culture of true engagement.

Join this Employee Engagement Boot Camp to learn more about successful strategies for creating sustainable employee engagement—now more elusive than ever because of ongoing changes in healthcare delivery. Content will also address the critical requirement of meeting basic human needs to reenergize the healthcare workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the process of creating a long-term culture of employee engagement.
  • Describe successful strategies for creating sustainable employee engagement within healthcare organizations.

Healthcare leaders can participate in the Employee Engagement Boot Camp as part of their Congress experience or participate independently. The cost of the boot camp is $799 for members and $949 for nonmembers.

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Presented By

Thomas A. Atchison, EdD

Atchison Consulting