Double Down on Digital: Big Bold Moves for Radical Transformation

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

Disruptors like Amazon and Google are rapidly changing healthcare, and health systems must embrace digital to not only survive but also compete and thrive. COVID-19 necessitated rapid adoption of new technology solutions that consumers have demanded for years. The days of ineffectual, fragmented healthcare experiences are behind us. You can either embark on the digital healthcare journey or be left in the dust.

The speed and decisiveness with which healthcare leaders act now will define the next 10 years for their organizations. With digital, health systems can hyper-personalize healthcare experiences like never before to foster patient loyalty and capture greater market share. Shifting to a virtual-first model will enable provider organizations to treat more patients in a more convenient and affordable manner for all stakeholders. Automation can radically transform business operations, cutting costs after the pandemic’s devastating period of decline, while driving greater efficiency. The days of multi-year pilots and one-off solutions are over. The time to act was yesterday, and those who make bold decisions tomorrow will emerge the strongest.

In this session, we will recommend that leaders take an unbridled look at their organizations’ progress with enterprise-wide digital transformation. The session will discuss methods for measuring digital fitness and reviewing digital investment strategies. We will review how to best learn from peers and competitors, plan for what’s next, and define success in this post-pandemic era. All of these topics will be colored with real-life case studies that illustrate the learnings imparted. The session will conclude with an interactive question-and-answer segment for the audience to engage with speakers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how leaders can catalyze enterprise transformation efforts to radically improve the performance, reach, and sustainability of the organization in a post-COVID world.
  • Identify effective tools and strategies for assessing digital readiness and organizational commitment, with insights on change management best practices based on real-world success stories.


Presented By

Eric Langshur

Co-Founder/Executive Chairman

Catherine Jacobson

Froedtert Health