Developing Leaders for a Healthier Future: Innovative Approaches From Leading Health Systems

Monday, April 11th

About the Session

The role of U.S. health systems in broader society is evolving rapidly, with the pandemic only accelerating this pace. Expanding beyond concerns about healthcare quality, cost and access, health systems are trending toward a greater focus on the health and well-being of their workforce and of the communities they serve. Anchor mission and related movements are drawing increased attention to not only care quality and efficiency but also how health system resources are being marshalled to address the equity and justice issues that have stood in the way of better health for generations. Taken together, these demands are requiring new capabilities of healthcare leaders, new definitions of who these leaders are, and new approaches to developing and supporting them.

This engaging session will provide participants with a closer look at the evolving future of healthcare leadership development across leading university and health system settings. The session will be introduced by Andrew Garman, a professor at Rush University, who will overview long-term, macro-level trends in health system leadership as well as the current state of the science in leadership development. During this introductory section, participants will be encouraged to respond (by hand or electronically) to several practice-based questions, giving everyone a quick, high-level assessment of current strengths and gaps. He will then introduce two panelists, both of whom are from leading health systems that have been nationally recognized for their leadership development work. Gina Cronin, chief talent officer, will share Cleveland Clinic’s talent development goals for the coming years, placing special emphasis on inclusive leadership to decrease the leader diversity gap, more effectively source for minority talent, increase city of Cleveland hires into meaningful pathways to family sustaining wages, and career coaching. Marguerite Samms, assistant vice president, leadership development, will describe Intermountain Healthcare’s holistic approach to developing and supporting leadership at all levels, including how its views on leadership needs and effectiveness have themselves been evolving. The session will conclude with audience Q&A about leadership development challenges participants may be facing within their own organizations and insights they can take back with them from the session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an actionable understanding of the social, environmental and economic challenges communities face in pursuing a healthy and sustainable future.
  • Evaluate new approaches to people leadership using first-principles thinking and the benefit of real-world experiences.

Presented By

Andrew N. Garman, PsyD

Rush University

Gina M. Cronin, FACHE

Chief Talent Officer
The Cleveland Clinic Health System

Marguerite Samms

Assistant Vice President, Leadership Development
Intermountain Healthcare