Critical Strategies of Highly Successful Healthcare Providers

About the Session

The healthcare industry is going through a transformation. Theories abound as to what specific changes will occur over the next three to five years and how healthcare organizations should position themselves to succeed through this transformation.

Currently, health systems are experiencing significant margin pressure as a result of declining volumes due to COVID, intense rate pressure from commercial payers, increasing expense inflation, slowing inpatient demand, and an increasing percent of government payments. Moody’s notes that recent merger and acquisition activity has not mitigated this problem.

The nation has little to show for almost a decade of investment in innovative concepts, such as value-based care and population health, except record profits in the insurance industry and record low margins for their health systems. Health systems must invest in the development of new innovative competencies that increase market share and profitability. Those who are unable to differentiate between valid beneficial strategies and the latest passing fad can experience significant degradation in financial performance, which in some cases may be irreparable.

This presentation will use data to paint realistic scenarios for the future, (which in some cases are contrary to the conventional wisdom) and then provide real-life, practical, proven strategies for success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the critical strategies of highly successful health systems.
  • Explore a likely scenario for the key components of the nation’s healthcare system over the next 3-5 years.

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Nathan Kaufman

Managing Director
Kaufman Strategic Advisors