Closing Session: The Future of Work Begins With Conscious Leadership Today

Tuesday, April 12th

About the Session

Whisperings about the future of work have developed into full-fledged conversations. Still, we haven’t yet arrived at a consensus on what exactly the future of work entails and how leaders can position their organizations and their people for success during such a transformative period in the workplace and beyond. Bringing a holistic perspective from inside some of the world’s leading organizations, Ginny Clarke shares her sought-after insights and wisdom on the ways conscious, effective leaders can get the best out of their people and, in turn, create high-performing teams for the future.

This talk will outline the importance of beginning with organizational health when guiding your workforce into the future, paying special attention to how to assess, attract and hire the best talent and establish a culture rooted in accountability, trust, integrity and inclusion. Ginny goes beyond ideas and, instead, offers leaders practical tactics and processes for optimizing talent, resources, productivity and profitability to create a disruption-proof workplace that is equipped for the long run.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of organizational health in achieving success.
  • Explore leadership strategies for creating disruption-proof high-performing teams.


Presented By

Ginny Clarke

Former Executive Recruiter