Closing Keynote Address – Technology Innovation in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Thursday, March 25
12:15pm12:45pm CDT

Presented By

Indu Subaiya, MD

Catalyst @ Health 2.0
About the Session

At the forefront of all communities for the last 12 months … the COVID-19 pandemic. Indu Subaiya, MD, co-founder and president, Catalyst @ Health 2.0 will explore the technology innovations developed during the pandemic and the new care delivery models resulting from these innovations. While much of the information shared about the pandemic is negative, Subaiya will focus on the positive outcomes resulting from the rapid infusion of technology into patient care.

As we wrap up this year’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership, we will share what we have learned from all of you in the field and challenge you to continue to reimagine leadership, solutions and healthcare in your communities.