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CEO Circle Session – Fog, Focus and Future

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

According to historian Daniel Boorstin, the fog of information can drive out knowledge. Healthcare leaders today understand precisely what Boorstin meant. The pace of industry disruption, the flood of information about its implications and the pressure to respond with innovation can force CEOs to choose between maintaining the status quo or investing in uncertainty. Healthcare leaders need to be able to build resilient organizations capable of executing priorities while keeping an eye on the future. Join Alan S. Kaplan, MD, CEO, UW Health to explore strategies for sifting through the disruptions, creating organizational focus and guidance through transformational change.

This program is only open to CEO Circle members and provider CEOs.
CEO Circle members may attend this session free of charge; CEOs who are not CEO Circle members may attend for a fee of $185, which may be applied toward CEO Circle membership. For information on joining COE Circle, contact Phillip T. Shaffer or visit the CEO Circle information online.

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