Building Your Leadership Communication Strategy Around Personal Values

About the Session

Meaningful communication happens at the intersection of personal values and effective interactions. Leaders can fall into the habitual behaviors mindset of one-dimensional communication, believing that a message was received just because it was sent. Health system leaders can connect with their personal values, developed over their entire lifetime, and use these foundational beliefs to communicate and listen through the prism of honesty, transparency, and authentic sharing of thoughts and feelings. This program will provide a method of identifying personal values; describe how to build a communication strategy that allows the leader to intentionally communicate in a way that displays their values; and educate participants on the advantages and disadvantages of various mediums of communication. Communication best practices taken from five health systems will be provided to participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify personal values and methods of incorporating these values into the leader’s communication strategy.
  • Develop an understanding of the use of various mediums of communication to ensure more effective organizational outcomes and build trust

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Presented By

Sara M. Johnson, FACHE

Director of IU Executive Education and Clinical Associate Professor
Indiana University

David L. Schreiner, FACHE

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital