Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address – The Future of Healthcare: Thriving Once More

Monday, March 22
11:15am11:55am CDT

Presented By

Atul Gawande, MD

Surgeon / Writer
Brigham and Women’s Hospital / The New Yorker
About the Session

Always looking forward, Atul Gawande, MD, has dedicated his life to providing practical solutions to better serve the needs of people and the values that make for a healthier society. As a surgeon, Gawande understands the complexity and demands of a medical practice; as an entrepreneur, he delivers innovative solutions to better health; and as an award-winning writer, he implores people to examine healthcare through a new lens to improve care delivery for all. Join this discussion to explore the future of healthcare, including new care models to improve outcomes, satisfaction and cost-efficiency. Gawande will also address how the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to shape healthcare delivery.