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Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon – Tech Innovation and Disruption in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

As healthcare leaders dedicated to improving health, technology is a key component of this commitment. Technological breakthroughs can be innovating and disrupting at the same time but in the end are aimed at improving health. Join visionary leader, Indu Subaiya, president & co-founder, Catalyst @ Health 2.0, to discuss how technology healthcare disrupters are changing delivery models from the perspective of patient health, access and treatment. She prepare you with a better understanding of how major healthcare stakeholders are becoming critical partners in the healthcare technology ecosystem and the value they perceive from technology innovations and investments. Indu will equip you with information of how not only to survive but to thrive in the changing healthcare ecosystem.

Presented By

Indu Subaiya, MD

Catalyst @ Health 2.0