Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Community Hiring

Presented By

Darrell Terry, FACHE

President / CEO
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center / Children’s Hospital of New Jersey

Myra Norton

About the Session

Learners will hear how the speaker’s health system, and health systems of colleagues’ located in similar demographic and/or poverty line areas, are addressing social determinants of health. Learners will have a detailed list of joint venture possibilities they can explore and implement related to housing, food and employment for residents near their own health systems. We all know that lack of stable income, housing and healthy food lead to poor health outcomes, but what we need are practical, proven policies and programs that have a measurable impact. This session will include a presentation that details programs as well as targeted, facilitated small group sharing of programs that have had varying degrees of success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Design and implement community hiring, career pathing, housing and healthy food programs that advance individuals in the community.
  • Assess the value of applying artificial intelligence to the hiring process as a means of reaching different goals and outcomes.