99X— What It Means For Women Leaders to Lead—During and After a Pandemic

Wednesday, March 30th

About the Session

Women leaders—from heads of state to front-line healthcare staff—inspired superhuman levels of achievement in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, women in the global workforce found themselves bearing most of the burden of time-consuming and distracting chores—caring for children home from school and/or sick relatives, household tasks and finding scarce resources. In this session, essential elements of leadership, including leadership styles and behaviors, will be examined along with examples of women’s performance as leaders during the pandemic. It will conclude with ideas about recovering gains lost in the workplace and how all leaders can apply lessons learned to make lasting change in the workplace that will build resilience and capacity in the face of future challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Relate the concepts and principles described to your personal experiences during the pandemic and select resulting ideas for integration.
  • Integrate the concepts and recommendations into planning for workplace policies, practices and systems, resulting in a more resilient workforce.


Presented By

Beth E. Walker, FACHE

CEO, Ochsner Baptist Medical Center
Ochsner Health

Jamie Haeuser

Haeuser Health Strategies