About the Session

Several factors have forced healthcare systems to move toward a more open, consumer-driven healthcare ecosystem that pays more attention to clinical and patient experience outcomes across the continuum of care. In addition, the transformation from volume to value has resulted in the development of new payment models that reward patient experience. This has begun to transform some of the traditional C-suite positions in healthcare systems and paved the way for the creation of an emerging leadership role: the Chief Patient Experience Officer. This session will review results from a large-scale survey comparing facilities that have employed a CXO with those that have not. Faculty will reveal insights into hospital and geographic factors that are useful for healthcare organizations considering establishing a formal CXO role or incorporating CXO responsibilities within existing C-suite leadership roles to improve patient satisfaction scores and ultimately reimbursements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the role of a CXO can enable the development of an operational infrastructure to support improved patient experience and HCAHPS ratings.
  • Review insights from a national survey about the hospital and geographic factors associated with higher patient experience scores.