About the Session

During this session, leaders from RUSH University Medical Center and the Cook County Health & Hospitals System, with a moderator, will share their systems’ perspectives on the impact of being significant healthcare providers in the Illinois Medical District. The presentation will start with the presenters answering the following questions: How are you determining the types of care your population needs? How do you design a healthy city, and what is the role of a medical organization? From a Chicago perspective, the faculty will highlight their health center design strategies, community-driven initiatives and innovation in delivery of patient care to build healthy communities. The presentation will conclude with key findings identified from each system’s unique points of view and how they can be applied on a nationwide level to build healthy communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate two different approaches to delivering outpatient community-based care.
  • Learn from the unique viewpoints of two well-known Chicago healthcare providers and identify their roles in building a healthy community.