About the Session

Mergers and acquisitions continue at a frantic pace in the United States as organizations face increased competition, financial challenges and struggles with adopting value-based care models. This session is designed to prepare leaders for the realities of post-merger integration, offering insights from the perspectives of a parent organization and the one that is being acquired. From an organizational perspective, the presenters will showcase how they built strong working relationships and trust quickly with new administrators and physicians, how they identified quick wins for both organizations and how they aligned personnel with broader health system strategic objectives. From a personal perspective, the presenters will share the effect M&A activity has had on their work environment, organizational culture and career development. You will leave this session with practical lessons learned you can apply at your organization so you are better prepared for future merger activity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review barriers to effective integration and specify strategies to optimize post-merger outcomes.
  • Identify how to achieve quick wins post merger to build trust and alignment among stakeholders.