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92X – Building Successful Payer/Provider Relationships

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

Given their history, payers and providers may seem like odd bedfellows. But the fact is they have common aims. Both want cost containment. Both want to provide quality care to their shared consumers. Both want to create deeper engagement among patients. The ability of providers and payers to achieve these aims is much greater when they work in concert than when they work without collaboration. This seminar will paint an optimistic but realistic picture of how providers and payers can collaborate successfully. You will have a chance to “look under the hood” and acknowledge gaps in your organization before you begin to engage with a potential partner organization.

As payers and providers navigate the uncertain waters of collaboration, their common focus should be on three fundamental elements: trust and transparency; operationalizing data; and designing and building a collaborative model. Understanding organizational culture, workflow protocols, governance strategies, access to key data and sources, as well as technology and tools, are all fundamental to building successful collaborations. You will discuss these elements and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the key elements of successful payer-provider relationships.
  • Describe initiatives and models currently employed by payer-provider partners that deliver value.


Presented By

Matthew Penziner

Executive Director
NYUPN Clinically Integrated Network

Tushar Mehrotra

Senior Vice President, Analytics
Optum Advisory Services

Jay Hazelrigs

Vice President