About the Session

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on their facility portfolio and its infrastructure for the delivery of care as well as nonclinical functions that support the business of healthcare. The financial tensions on the healthcare industry, the complexity of healthcare facilities and their systems and the inevitable erosion of facility assets over time present a continual challenge to organizations. A comprehensive program of facility condition assessments and thoughtful forecasting of identified capital renewal requirements will provide organizations with a powerful strategic tool. This session will describe the 12 key elements associated with capital renewal programs and best practices for implementing a program while reducing the resources needed to do so. When aligned with an organization’s mission and other departmental strategies, a capital renewal program can avoid costly interruptions in healthcare delivery and manage costs over the life cycle of the assets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the risk of deferred maintenance, the importance of a capital renewal program and its impact on an organization’s ability to provide patient care.
  • Identify the key elements needed to establish a capital renewal program and the system needed to implement those elements.