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91X – CEO Panel on Successful and Unsuccessful Margin Improvement Approaches

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

In this CEO-only session, three CEOs will orchestrate a rich dialogue about what’s working and what’s not working in the quest to increase margin sustainability. One CEO will share difficulties of operating independently without regional or corporate support or resources. Two CEOs will share the complexities of operating within a large regional health system framework complete with competing priorities, corporate mandated tools and task forces, and often insufficient resources and constraints on autonomy. The framework of the shared learnings will include approaches most CEOs have tried: new productivity systems; yet another round of productivity benchmarks; layoffs; hiring and overtime freezes and more. The presenters will also lead a panel-audience “open mic” discussion focusing on the commonalities that exist in their unique and independent successful margin improvement journeys. Some topics in the discussion will include: harnessing the creativity, innovation, initiative and enthusiasm of directors, managers and physician leaders; removing barriers to speed of implementation and protection of the status quo; accountability or lack thereof; and leveraging and optimizing external resources like productivity systems and benchmarking.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the journeys toward double digit margin improvement of CEOs from regional health systems and an independent system.
  • Discuss commonalities and differences in successful and unsuccessful approaches to improving operating margins.


Presented By

Kevin S. Cook

University Hospitals & Health System/ University of Mississippi Medical Center

Todd Smith

Mercy Medical Center Redding

Patty M. White, RN, FACHE

Former CEO / Consultant
St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center / Dignity Health