86X—Improving Patient Experience Scores by Strengthening LGBTQ Health Equity Using a National Online Survey

Wednesday, March 30th

About the Session

The increased visibility of the LGBTQ population has led to a growing awareness of the healthcare disparities faced by this population and the need to include LBGTQ individuals in diversity, inclusion and health equity efforts. Yet, how can hospitals and other healthcare facilities know what policies and best practices are needed to provide LGBTQ patient-centered care in order to improve LGBTQ health equity? Since 2007, the National Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) has been promoting the adoption of LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices and helping hospitals to adopt these policies and practices by using a national online survey to benchmark progress. The HEI can be used by hospitals and healthcare systems as a roadmap to LGBTQ health equity, allowing them to determine what policies and practices are needed—and will work best in their community and healthcare settings. The workshop presenters will provide an overview of the HEI, including insight from the newly released HEI 2022 report.

Research published in the Journal of Healthcare Management examined the relationship between the HEI’s “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” designation and hospitals’ patient experience scores. The authors found that HEI Leader-designated hospitals reported significantly higher overall hospital rating patient experience scores as compared to non-HEI Leader hospitals. The principal investigator of this study will present updated research on the association between HEI leader designation and patient experience scores.

Presenters will also provide a case study of how the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital has used the HEI as a tool to increase the adoption of LGBTQ inclusive policies and practices and the resulting impact on their patient experience. The presenters will facilitate group discussions about how healthcare executives and others can collaborate to increase LGBTQ equity and inclusion at their hospitals and across entire health systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and leverage the key factors, including patient experience scores, that lead hospitals to improve their policies and practices for LGBTQ patients and employees.
  • Describe and advocate for the best practices currently recommended to hospitals to improve LGBTQ health equity.


Presented By

Tari Hanneman

Director, Health and Aging Program
Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Rita DiLeo, DSc, CRA, RT(R)

Assistant Professor
University of Scranton

Dawson Smith, FACHE

Vice President, Affiliate Operations and Network Development
UAB Health System