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84H – Key Ingredients for Successful Innovation Partnerships

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

The majority of the health system leaders MATTER meets want to be innovative, but very few feel confident in building the systems and culture an organization needs to continuously transform new ideas into solutions. The question is always: How do you create a culture of innovation in an environment that is inherently (and understandably) risk averse? While the journey to innovation looks different for every organization, there are some essential ingredients that every health system must have in order to effectively partner with entrepreneurs to build novel solutions. During this seminar, moderated by MATTER CEO Steven Collens, innovation leaders from Advocate Aurora Health will share how their take on these key ingredients has informed a recent initiative to reimagine the primary care experience alongside Chicago-based digital health startup, Lytic.

Last year, Advocate Aurora Health partnered with MATTER to issue a call for solutions that would create new possibilities for patients and their primary care providers. Lytic, a startup developing a chatbot-powered health management platform, was chosen from dozens of applicants to co-develop a solution alongside the Advocate Aurora team. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn from innovation leaders at both organizations about the specific ingredients that have resulted in a meaningful partnership. You will take away ideas for replicating their success in any health system looking to incorporate novel solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key ingredients health systems need to build a culture of innovation that facilitates experimentation and collaboration with external innovators.
  • Discuss best practices for health systems to keep in mind when co-developing novel solutions alongside entrepreneurs.


Presented By

Steven Collens

MATTER Chicago

Mike Rodgers

Vice President, Commercial Innovation
Advocate Aurora Health

Adeel Malik