About the Session

The improvements in patient safety and outcomes found in anesthesiology are some of the most dramatic in the healthcare field. This session will describe the process by which anesthesia became more than 10 times safer in less than a decade. This experience has baked systematic improvement into the DNA of the specialty, and the presenters will explore current initiatives to further improve outcomes and value. You will hear how hospital systems have an opportunity to improve performance by engaging with anesthesiology leaders to improve patient safety, perioperative outcomes and surgical care coordination. In addition, you will find out how anesthesiologists are best positioned to address the opioid epidemic and promote enhanced recovery after surgery as the specialists situated at the single common point of contact for all surgical and procedural care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the key drivers for the improvements in anesthesia patient safety.
  • Learn how to integrate anesthesiology in health system efforts to optimize the value of surgical and procedural care.