About the Session

Ongoing digital disruption continues to affect today’s healthcare industry. Thanks to big data created by EHRs and patients’ desire to have readily accessible information, healthcare is entering a digital-first ecosystem where high-touch consumer experiences and driving loyalty to a healthcare brand are more important than ever. In this session, the presenters will review three perspectives and strategies for building loyalty in the age of digital disruption. You will review how Tiger Institute at University of Missouri Health Care and Capital Region Medical Center are growing and thriving in a largely rural market through EHR expansion and by focusing on the patient experience through digital transformation. Faculty also will share how at Memorial Hermann Health System, a patients, payers and providers benefit from a single web application across the patient care journey. You also will explore how organizations are incubating new technologies, innovations and partnerships to stay ahead of the industry shift.

Learning Objectives:

  • Investigate the challenges and trends of attracting and retaining patients in a competitive healthcare environment.
  • Assess the value proposition of thinking of your patients as consumers and adapting your business strategies in a competitive marketplace.