About the Session

During this session, you will hear about the mandate to significantly reduce and optimize operating costs in a pay-for-value world. You will learn why the labor ratio in your organization may be your most important operating metric. Faculty will share tips for optimizing your labor costs by rationalizing productivity targets, productivity and use of labor analytics. You will hear about how to cascade compensation models throughout your enterprise to optimize outcomes and minimize costs. You also will learn strategies for reformulating clinical documentation to achieve better operating costs and optimized quality ratings while earning physicians’ gratitude. Faculty also will share easy ways to work with your organization’s physicians to significantly drive down supply chain costs and optimize outcomes. You will leave this session with techniques for creating a culture of customer service that results in improved operating costs and market share.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how management can collaborate with physicians to reduce operating costs in new and important ways.
  • Discover key operational metrics that will enable management and physicians to track key performance indicators toward reducing operating costs.