About the Session

The Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research focuses on research with direct applicability to healthcare organizations. During the seminar, three researchers, selected by ACHE’s Research Committee, will present the results of their studies of healthcare leadership. Topics for the 2019 seminar presentations include a model of executive leadership based on interviews with leaders about lessons learned from their experiences, strategies for physician-system integration and an evaluation of the relationship between 30-day readmission rates and patient satisfaction in U.S. inpatient, acute care hospitals.

Mark J. Bonica, PhD: Learned the Hard Way: A Model of Executive Leadership Competencies

Ann M. Nguyen, PhD: The Contribution of Physician-System Integrating Structure to Health System Success

Jennifer L. Wilbers, DHA, CHES: Do United States Inpatient Acute Care Hospitals With Lower 30-Day Readmission Rates Have More Satisfied Patients?

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the most recent research pertinent to the practice of healthcare management.
  • Discuss recommended initiatives to implement in your organization.