About the Session

While meaningful use was intended to bring about EHRs and ease of sharing information to improve quality of care and reduce cost, in its early years the effort has been viewed as more of a set of mandatory hoops providers must jump through to receive maximum payment or avoid penalties. That reality, however, is changing through the evolution of technologies and through ongoing visioning and change management. This session will provide insight and best practices from providers across the country on technologies that are progressing, meaningfully, toward improved care aided by electronic information that is aggregated, interoperable, mobile and secure. During the past several years, CHIME and KLAS have worked collectively and individually to evaluate progress with these technologies and to encourage progress both with and among providers and healthcare IT vendors. You will hear from presenters from both organizations about research on the challenges and progress in this area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn best practices for maximizing HER use and assessing progress and gaps toward effective utilization.
  • Review and discuss technologies and initiatives in the marketplace that assist providers in safely and securely improving patient care and managing costs.


Session Recording