About the Session

This presentation will begin with a review of the current status of diversity in the C-suite within the U.S. healthcare system, primarily drawing upon ACHE research reports on healthcare executive diversity. With this material as background, current diverse C-suite executives will describe the four major C-suite roles—CEO, CMO, COO and CNO—and give specific examples about how these positions are acquired. They will then highlight the triumphs and challenges that today’s diverse careerists may encounter. You will receive practical information on how to best prepare yourself for a successful journey to the C-suite. Topics covered will include interviewing, branding, networking, leadership and special programs. Tools and services available through ACHE’s Career Resource Center will be noted. The session also will focus on certain challenges aspiring diverse executives must acknowledge and learn to manage, such as stereotype threat, cultural barriers and microaggressions.

Seminar 55 will be held at the Palmer House Hilton; includes a 15-minute break.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the status of diversity within the C-suite.
  • Learn about career paths to C-suite positions and discuss career planning, interviewing and networking, and cultural barriers.


Session Recording