52X—Building Organizational Culture—A Playbook for Early Careerists

Tuesday, March 29th

About the Session

Tomorrow’s healthcare leaders will navigate through some of the most challenging and demanding dynamics in the history of healthcare. Successful leaders will understand the importance of cultural vibrancy and vitality. Therefore, early careerists need to prepare themselves and determine leadership behaviors and organizational efforts that will respond to future challenges. This presentation will combine well-researched leadership theory with real-life experiences and stories. Ten dimensions of organizational culture are summarized in the cultural IQ (CIQ) that provides a framework for leaders. The presenters will share experiences, challenges, stories and examples for participants to enjoy and consider, focusing on emerging healthcare leaders. The two presenters will provide unique perspectives that are timely, pertinent, engaging and challenging. Participants will conclude the session with an invitation to create a personal leadership development plan that can be utilized for future responsibilities.
Building on previous successful presentations on the topic at ACHE Congress, CEO Boot Camp, and two-day cluster presentations (Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago), this session will focus on preparing students and early careerists in assessing, determining, establishing and sustaining a vibrant organizational culture. Ten key and successful dimensions of cultural vibrancy will be presented and will be tailored for aspiring healthcare leaders. Topics include: finding purpose, reward/recognition, community involvement, fun/joy, lifelong learning, measuring engagement, choosing and/or removing talent, and leading with physicians. Dr. Berrett, with 25+ years of executive healthcare leadership, will be joined by Dan Springer, a newly appointed hospital chief executive officer. Together they will provide real-life experiences and invite participants to develop a personal leadership development plan in preparation for executive responsibilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and discuss leadership behaviors that increase organizational (cultural) vibrancy and effectiveness.
  • Design a personal leadership plan in preparation for future leadership responsibilities.


Presented By

Britt R. Berrett, PhD, FACHE

Director, Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management
University of Texas at Dallas, Jindal School of Management

Dan Springer, FACHE

Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital