About the Session

“Physician led and professionally managed”: It should be simple and clear cut, yet many organizations today fail to engage a large portion of their physicians. This session will provide several specific examples of organizations that have had success with higher levels of physician input, participation, collaboration and engagement. The structures of these organizations and their tools for getting physicians to greater levels of participation and engagement will be reviewed. Participants will also have the chance to use a comprehensive organizational assessment survey, giving them insight into their organizations’ areas of strengths and weaknesses regarding physician engagement and participation. The session will close with an in-depth look at the track record of Southern Illinois Health system and its work over the past several years developing new physician leaders and gaining more physician input and participation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare several organizational structures and programs that generate higher levels of physician engagement and leadership.
  • Review one organization’s approach to physician leadership and develop a short working plan to enhance your organization’s physician leadership structure and programs.