About the Session

ACHE’s Code of Ethics delineates specific ethical standards for healthcare executives. Following a preamble, the Code is broken down according to executives’ responsibilities to the “profession,” “employees,” “patients” and “staff.” The Code also identifies a fifth area of focus—the executive’s responsibility to “society and the community.” This aspect of the Code may receive less attention than the other areas, despite placing significant ethical expectations on executives. This session will explore the scope and potential expectations of executives in fulfilling their responsibilities to society and the community, such as addressing the social determinants of health and engaging in health policy discussions. This highly interactive session will foster a discussion and explore practical solutions to the question: What is the healthcare leader’s role in fulfilling his or her ethical responsibilities to society and community?

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the ethical responsibilities of healthcare leaders to “society and community” as listed in the ACHE Code of Ethics.
  • Explore practical approaches to fulfilling healthcare leaders’ ethical responsibilities to “society and community.”