48H—Rebounding and Thriving Post COVID: Tectonic Shifts in Healthcare Delivery and Innovation

Tuesday, March 29th

About the Session

COVID continues to be a life-altering moment in the tapestry of healthcare. Few states were equipped to adapt quickly to the constraints that COVID placed on the healthcare system, and society as a whole. Rusk Rehabilitation was no different, as COVID severely impacted the way in which care could be delivered, both in an inpatient and ambulatory setting. Ambulatory volumes dropped to 25% of normal levels, with inpatient operations scrambling to meet daily surge needs of patients presenting with dire COVID symptoms and the pressures to optimize throughput. Fast forward roughly two years, and Rusk Rehabilitation has thrived since COVID through a variety of innovations in care delivery, such as the successful implementation of telehealth, cross-training of staff to cover the continuum of care, transparent institutional communication on COVID symptoms and vaccinations, and community reassurance to receive medical care. As a result of this effort, we are now on track to surpass pre-COVID volumes by 10%, and have multiple initiatives that provide a more diverse care delivery model. This program will a) provide a snapshot of where Rusk Rehabilitation was pre-COVID, intra-COVID and now post COVID; b) provide initiatives that needed to be created “on the fly” to adapt to COVID and patient hesitancy; c) provide the various platforms used to communicate to staff who had concerns about COVID and vaccine hesitancy; d) provide ongoing initiatives that have endured COVID and remain productive and profitable post COVID; e) provide intrinsic benefits of the initiatives on staff and patients; and f) future initiatives being considered for further innovation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Implement an agile management strategy of healthcare delivery.
  • Manage a workforce that can adapt to all demands of patient care throughout the care continuum.


Presented By

Michael Tsang, FACHE, MRMC

Director of Operations
NYU Langone Health Rusk Rehabilitation