About the Session

This session will examine how the healthcare industry has reached an unhealthy tipping point in pushing overload and a “more, better, faster” mindset in our organizations. This trend impacts everyone throughout an organization, minimizing workers’ abilities to do their best. At worst, we are literally killing those who work with us. You will discover how the future of work will create massive shifts in who does what and why and how the future will force massive shifts in how we approach health, wellness and healthcare. The session will include breakout discussions during which you and other attendees will wrestle with some of today’s and tomorrow’s most serious challenges to holistic well-being and health. You will leave this session equipped to become one of your organization’s future-ready leaders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and understand how the future of work will radically alter today’s wellness and healthcare practices.
  • Discover actions to take within the next 90 days to create future-focused changes in your organization.