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41B – Managing the Tides: Navigating Your Way to High Reliability

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

In 2015, Tidelands Health faced the challenge of having to respond to a Joint Commission finding that senior leadership was not doing enough to maintain a strong culture of safety. There were isolated efforts to improve patient safety, but the organization lacked a systematic strategy to identify and close gaps in performance. There was also little involvement from the medical staff, which led to poor accountability and a distrusting culture. This seminar will explore how the organization’s senior leadership created an entirely new structure to improve accountability and drive the principles of high reliability.

There are three building blocks required for an organization to achieve high reliability: senior leadership commitment, safety culture and robust performance improvement methods. Tidelands Health approached each of these with specific strategies and tactics, which the faculty will highlight. Examples include revitalizing the board of director’s role in overseeing patient safety; implementing a robust incident reporting system; and developing an event analysis team to review all incidents and determine where there may be systemic issues needing improvement.

In the end, it is not one initiative that will get your organization to high reliability, but a combination of senior leadership’s commitment, a strong safety culture and using evidence-based problem-solving methods to close gaps in performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of a robust safety culture in becoming a high-reliability organization.
  • Discover how to design a quality and safety structure within your organization to drive the principles of high reliability.


Presented By

Christopher Rees, FACHE

Vice President, Clinical Transformation
Tidelands Health

Laura Sousa

Manager of Clinical Risk Management
Tidelands Health

Ashton S. Roberts

Manager, Medical Staff Office
Tidelands Health

Gregory W. Nobles

Patient Safety Officer
Tidelands Health