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After much discussion and consideration, the ACHE Board of Governors and leadership team have decided to cancel the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership due to the need for leaders and healthcare organizations to manage their responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) within their communities. Learn more at

40B – Market-Driven Rebranding and Reorganizing of Primary Care

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

This seminar will explore the economics around the current primary care model and the current drivers behind change, including patient demographics, technology, new entrants and direct contracting by self-insured employers. Faculty will detail the value-based benefits approach and care delivery models that are being adopted by self-insured employers as an end run around traditional care delivery. The presenters also will cover the specifics of what value-based branding means and detail the operational elements of predictability and other design elements that lead to delivery of value from the consumer’s perspective.

The presenters also will review the emergence of retail clinics and urgent care as the first segments to be exploited by new, well-funded entrants and the first examples of primary care segmentation. Specific examples of the hyper-segmentation of primary care will also be provided, showing a likely picture of how primary care will be reshaped over the next 10 years. Finally, the presenters will explore how health systems will need to adapt amid disruption and new market entrants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental market-based principles, approaches and stakeholder interests forcing the rebranding and reorganizing of healthcare delivery.
  • Review the specific transformational approaches and disruptive clinical and operational care models being deployed in the market.


Presented By

Thomas A. Charland

Merchant Medicine LLC

Zeev Neuwirth

Chief Clinical Executive, Care Transformation and Strategic Services
Atrium Health