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39B – Drug Diversion in Healthcare Workers

Tuesday, March 24th

About the Session

As the opioid crisis continues to ravage the country, much focus has been given to decreasing the manufacturing of opioids, preventing diversion at the manufacturing level, judicious prescribing of opioid pain relievers and increasing access to treatment for substance abuse disorders. Unfortunately, some unintended consequences of such actions include undertreatment of chronic pain, rapid withdrawal or discontinuation of opioids in chronic users, and societal prejudices about the use of opioids, even when appropriate. These restrictions, combined with the high rate of prescription drug abuse in healthcare workers, make hospitals a prime target for diversion of controlled substances. Diversion in healthcare is very common but rarely discussed. This seminar will discuss how health systems can take immediate action to prevent individual and societal harm associated with the diversion of controlled substances. This program will provide the business case for the development of a diversion prevention program and demonstrate the benefits of using advanced analytics for the early detection and prevention of drug diversion. Faculty will provide a tool for selecting analytical software for the detection of drug diversion in your organization and provide guidance on the key elements of a comprehensive diversion detection and prevention program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to select an analytical tool to identify drug diversion behaviors in your institution.
  • Design a drug diversion and prevention program to prevent patient harm.


Presented By

Pamela Letzkus

Senior Director, Pharmacy
Scripps Health

Lisa M. Thakur, FACHE

Corporate Senior Vice President, Ancillary Operations
Scripps Health