About the Session

In 2018, to build on the success of the American Hospital Association’s equity of care campaign, and with support from the Aetna Foundation, the AHA Institute for Diversity and Health Equity launched a new national initiative for healthcare organizations and their communities. Using hospitals and health systems as anchors, the Hospital Community Cooperative aims to create the next generation of trusting and productive clinical-community partnerships to catalyze place-based projects that focus on addressing social determinants of health and eliminating health inequities. During this lively educational session, AHA’s CMO will moderate a panel discussion to capture the essential ingredients for forming and sustaining a successful national community of practice around health equity. Following the panel discussion, the session’s presenters will lead participants through a human-centered design approach to help you shape your own approach to community partnerships, social determinants of health and health equity.

Seminar 38 will be held at the Palmer House Hilton; includes a 15-minute break.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine a new national initiative the American Hospital Association launched to support hospital-anchored interventions and close the health equity gap.
  • Understand how nonmedical factors affect health outcomes and well-being and learn to reshape the narrative around community engagement, social determinants of health and health equity.