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33X – Engaging Clinicians in HIT Initiatives: Myth or Reality?

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

As today’s technologies grow in complexity with the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so too does the complexity of health information technology strategy and implementation. The constant loop of replacing outdated hardware and platforms with enhanced technologies, the rise of consumerism and oversaturated markets can result in disengaged leaders and medical staff and weigh heavily on already overworked health systems. Coupled with lower reimbursements creating tighter budgets every year, healthcare leaders understand the need to have a long-term strategic plan across HIT initiatives to obtain and maintain clinician engagement. In this session, three senior HIT executives will provide attendees with an overview of current HIT, drivers of engagement and a framework to engage clinicians across HIT initiatives, and will explore HIT’s seemingly unanswerable question: is lack of HIT engagement the disease or a symptom of clinician burnout? The panel also will review current HIT market penetration, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulatory activity and future AI impact. They will highlight the change from implementation-based work to value-driven clinical transformation and explore key attributes of designing governance that effectively engages medical staff in HIT initiatives. Finally, attendees will gain tools to prioritize limited capital resources across HIT.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the drivers of clinician engagement across HIT initiatives to align operational imperatives and EHR enhancements.
  • Apply tools learned in this session to design a strategic HIT governance, prioritizing capital needs with limited capital resources.


Presented By

Frank Sottile, MD

Senior Director/CMO, Foundation and ITWorks Clients
Cerner Corporation

Erine Erickson, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer
Dignity Health

Lu de Souza, MD

Senior Director/CMO, Physician Relationship Organization
Cerner Corporation