About the Session

In April 2018, Moody’s reported that the nonprofit hospital operating cash flow margin decreased to the lowest level since the 2008–2009 recession. Not all health systems will survive the next decade; executives must start now to position their organizations for success. This session will discuss the critical steps needed to achieve this, including system management culture, successful capital deployment, physician strategies, critical inpatient services, innovative outpatient models and a perspective on the future of healthcare. Doing nothing is not an option. Addressing the escalating cost of care—combined with clinical innovations—will reward health systems that provide significantly more value. You will leave this session with an understanding of how those health systems that deploy their financial and human capital appropriately, efficiently operate their systems and focus on a few core strategies will emerge as winners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the critical steps for positioning a health system for success and the importance of creating a high-value delivery model.
  • Understand why popular strategies such as risk, clinical integration and scale have failed to impact system performance positively.