30H—Building Strategic Value With Your Medical Group

Monday, March 28th

About the Session

Despite massive investments by health systems in employed physician networks, these networks are often poorly aligned with the health system and not integrated into the organization’s strategic direction and operational plans. At their worst, they operate as a loose confederation of practices. The result is suboptimal quality, financial and operational performance.

In this program, we will discuss how this challenge was addressed at Mon Health, a growing four-hospital system in northern West Virginia. The health system developed a comprehensive transformation plan, which it will be executing over the next decade.

That effort first addressed the evolution of the group, with physicians and executives jointly defining how the network would evolve to meet the mutual objectives of the stakeholders and the demands of the market. That roadmap addresses issues as varied as quality, provider well-being, strategic growth, and physician leadership.

Physician leadership is a key component of the plan. The organization moved aggressively to ensure employed physicians would be integrated into the organization’s leadership and operations, through vehicles such as a physician leadership council and dyad leadership of services.

We will discuss the tactics used to do this, including engaging physicians in service line leadership dyads and advisory board roles; building a shared vision, with input from physicians, APPs, and executives, of how the group must evolve; defining the core elements and behavioral expectations of a common culture, with guidance from the physician leadership council; defining and beginning to build the capabilities required for the group to manage risk contracts; building provider compensation systems that support these initiatives, and building the management infrastructure to drive these initiatives.

We will address the successes, barriers encountered in this process, lessons learned, and reboots required. Ultimately, we will provide a roadmap for developing a transformation plan to build an accountable, multi-specialty group.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify core elements that will drive employed physician network transformation.
  • Develop an integrated transformation plan driven by provider engagement.


Presented By

David Miller, FACHE

Founding Partner
HSG Advisors

David Goldberg, FACHE

Mon Health