25X—Driving Service Line Growth Through Targeted Relationships With All Stakeholders

Monday, March 28th

About the Session

At UChicago Medicine, the development of a dedicated program to serve patients traveling for care has deepened partnerships with key service lines, resulting in new growth and enhanced referral patterns. Because of the specialized service offered, patients share higher engagement feedback and increased loyalty to the organization. With the advent of virtual visits, opportunities to serve a larger network of national patients have also contributed to the engagement of patients and providers. This session will highlight key strategies in service and partnership that are proven contributors to improved revenue, while offering a seamless experience for patient and care teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define how the principles of a dedicated destination program can influence physician engagement and resiliency while directly impacting service line growth.
  • Describe the steps to implement strategies to enhance patient experience across all stakeholder groups through customized, targeted service.


Presented By

Caroline Costello, FACHE

Director, Destination UChicago Medicine Programs
UChicago Medicine

Judy Gilbert

Manager, Destination UChicago Medicine Programs
UChicago Medicine