About the Session

The existence of a multigenerational workforce in today’s complex healthcare environment presents unique challenges for healthcare leaders. For the first time in history, the workforce spans at least four generations. This panel session will provide an overview of current generational trends and characteristics and the challenges they present for healthcare leaders. The panelists—one from each generation—will address questions from a moderator and the audience and provide feedback based on their specific beliefs, values and workplace characteristics. Through these discussions, you will gain a better understanding of how multigenerational conflicts affect organizational culture and patient care, recruitment and retention, and employee satisfaction. You will take away insights to help you create an environment where your staff works in harmony and performs at a higher level to make your organization stronger from the inside.

Seminar 20 will be held at the Palmer House Hilton; includes a 15-minute break.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and understand the differences among generational groups and what each group values, and challenge ourselves to respect and appreciate these generational differences.
  • Gain tools and techniques for bridging generational gaps and learn how to leverage generational differences to improve collaboration and team performance.