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16A – Operationalizing Engagement

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

During this session, attendees will learn how to implement a daily operational model that taps into the power and expertise of the caregiver, engaging them in process design and performance improvement resulting in an empowered, efficient, safe and high-functioning team. The power of this operational model is that it enables frontline expert caregivers to drive cultural transformation within their organization. This structured method includes the use of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Lean theories of high reliability and daily management and will provide templates, tools and educational materials to fully implement the process in any organization. Attendees will work in small groups to use these tools and templates to identify scenario-based goals, targets and means of measuring progress toward target. They also will ask “why” and create action steps to remove leading barriers as they are identified. Attendees will then present their work to their peers to demonstrate the skills they have learned, as the intended outcome of this session is to enable attendees to train champions in their organizations. Presenters will discuss and apply the key leadership concepts “hire the best of the best, remove the obstacles and get out of the way” throughout the session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to operationalize engagement on a daily basis.
  • Use operationalizing engagement templates to gain proficiency in teaching the basic concepts of performance improvement to frontline caregivers.


Presented By

Kim Brown Sims, RN, FACHE

KBS Leadership Consulting

Jay R. Hodge

Jay Hodge & Associates