About the Session

This session will examine a proven decision-making process that promotes stakeholder alignment. There are four questions that can help ensure your internal stakeholders are on the same page: What value do we bring to any partnership? What are our results? What version of alignment are we willing to talk about? And, why are we looking for a partner? This proven process, which uses those four questions, has been used with hospitals, medical groups and organ procurement organizations. It starts with the executive team and broadens to include the organization’s board. You will take away a full understanding of the four-step process: First the executive team brainstorms what would be important to them in any alignment discussion. Then, the executive team prioritizes these attributes. Next, the discussion continues with the board. Finally, the board prioritizes its attributes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how your organization’s leadership team can assess current state and plan in advance for the type of alignment that will work for them.
  • Develop a process for your organization that reviews options and selects the best alternative.