About the Session

Why would patients or prospective employees choose your organization as a place to work or as a place to be cared for? And, after experiencing your facility and care team the first time—whether as a patient or as a new employee—why would they come back and give you their loyalty? This session will explore specific tools that arm and empower every care team member to deliver on the organization’s brand promise. You will discover how to build a bridge between your organization’s promise-makers, such as marketing and sales staff and physician liaisons, and your promise-keepers, including nurses, doctors, support services and back office team members. You will learn how to safeguard an organization’s brand, build loyalty and deliver exceptional patient experiences by creating brand messages that are translatable from the boardroom to the exam room, to the patient room and to the break room.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the patient experience and identify opportunities through the lens of the 4Ps: people, process, physical setting and product.
  • Learn how to create your own playbook to capture and share the clinical and human sides of healthcare so every care team member is aligned and working toward the same goal.