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130X – The Board and CEO Relationship: The First 120 Days

Thursday, March 26th

About the Session

An ineffective board-CEO relationship is often a key contributor to CEO turnover. A newly appointed CEO has many demands on his or her time, so the CEO must be strategic in his or her approach to establishing a productive partnership with the board. This seminar will offer tools, techniques and specific processes to help you make the most of the early months of a new board-CEO relationship dynamic. After completing this session, you will have the tools to create a specific plan of tasks and activities to develop an effective working relationship with the board within the first 120 days of appointment. You will learn to adopt a specific and proactive approach and discover how establishing a successful foundation with the board from the early days of a CEO’s term will lead to improved organizational results and a more successful CEO tenure. A case study methodology will be used to reinforce teaching points.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify successful tools and techniques for establishing a successful board-CEO relationship in the first 120 days of a CEO’s appointment.
  • Design a specific strategy to use when starting up a new board-CEO relationship.


Presented By

Kimberly A. Russel, FACHE

Bryan Health