About the Session

As the opioid crisis escalates, hospitals and physicians are seeking alternative ways to help patients manage pain throughout their hospital stays and beyond. Multi-modal pain management programs reduce the use of opioids and offer patients faster recovery with fewer side effects. Implementing MMPM pathways in the hospital setting also can reduce lengths-of-stay, prevent unnecessary readmissions and ER visits and decrease post-surgical complications, which drive down unreimbursed charges. This presentation draws on real-life case studies to illustrate effective MMPM approaches to reducing opioid use during and after surgery. It also outlines key considerations for hospital and clinical leaders interested in operationalizing these strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast the use of multi-modal pain management strategies to traditional opioid-based approaches to pain management.
  • Evaluate the impact of multi-modal pain management strategies on clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and costs.