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125X – Rapid Budget Variance Response for the C-Suite: Improving the Productivity System From Excuses to Rapid Action

Thursday, March 26th

About the Session

Almost every organization hosts monthly or by-pay-period productivity system report review sessions attended by middle managers and a performance improvement staffer. Yet, based on research of 140 health systems’ margin improvement efforts, dramatic observable behavioral differences exist between how those meetings are conducted in top-performing organizations versus lower performing organizations. While several elements seem to separate the two populations, those elements appear directed toward maintenance of the organizations’ cultures. In top-performing organizations, the aim of productivity variance reviews centers on a culture of speed to improvement, or a “you’ve got two weeks” mentality. This produces a comprehensive accountability system of rapid budget variance response. In lower performing organizations, productivity variance meetings focus on explaining variances and why variances cannot be overcome.

During this seminar, the presenters will share several observations to apply in your organization. The seminar will focus on factors such as: how top-performing organizations design their accountability systems to produce speed of implementation and refusal to accept the status quo; differences in the role of senior leaders between top performers and low performers; techniques for building the confidence of middle managers and eliminating fear of change; ways to invest in leader development that is equal or greater to investments in benchmarking and productivity systems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review and contrast characteristics of productivity system design found in national research of top-improving organizations.
  • Discover an audit to help transition a productivity system in your organization from a culture of excuses to a culture of speed to improvement.


Presented By

Chip Caldwell, LFACHE

Caldwell Butler & Associates LLC

Alan Dial Jr.

Nexus Process Engineering LLC

Mark F. Slyter, FACHE

Dignity East Valley Health System