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122X – The Next Frontier: Evidence-Based Care Under Value-Based Contracts

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

Deviation from evidence-based healthcare may lead to care variations, redundant diagnostics, suboptimal care and unnecessary spending. Adopting systematic evidence-based care strategies is one method of standardizing care and optimizing quality and outcomes. This seminar, informed by deliberations of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative‘s Committee on Evidence-Based Care, will introduce attendees to strategies implemented by evidence-based care experts to operationalize evidence-based care to thrive under value-based contracts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a value-based strategy for implementing evidence-based care.
  • Engage clinicians in evidence-based care strategies that support value-based objectives.


Presented By

Tom Merrill

ACLC, Leavitt Partners

Ursula Wright, RN

Vice President, Care Redesign and Optimization
Mercy Health System

Laura Cullen, DNP, RN

Evidence-Based Practice Scientist
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics