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110A – Rethinking the Acute Care Delivery Model From a Financial Sustainability and Patient and Staff Benefit Perspective

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

The current acute care delivery model predates not only our current reimbursement structures but also the complexity of our acute care patients and the needs of our younger, millennial generation nurses. This session will begin with a review of the current healthcare landscape from delivery model and labor cost perspectives. The course will then introduce a model that creates a sustainable labor cost structure by: optimizing the professional role of increasingly scarce registered nurses; increasing hours of care provided to patients; improving quality; and enhancing patient experience. Given the scarcity of hospitals and healthcare systems attempting this wholesale change in care delivery, leaders have few resources to draw upon when embarking on an endeavor of this magnitude. This seminar will identify the immediate needs, structures and commitments that will be required from system and hospital leadership to achieve the short-term goals of an improved clinical environment and long-term goals of improved labor costs and a stable and professionally fulfilled workforce. From there, the faculty will describe how to work through the design, implementation and control phases, providing a practical road map for a single hospital or a large health system to follow. The course will conclude with an interactive question-and-answer segment, which will allow you to explore your thoughts and questions with the speakers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the current healthcare system landscape as the foundation for a wholesale change in the care delivery model.
  • Describe a road map for an acute care health system to effectively accomplish this type of transformational change.


Presented By

Gary S. DiPersi, RN, FACHE

System Director, Nursing Operations & Performance Improvement

Debi Pasley, RN

System Senior Vice President/CNO