About the Session

Individual leadership behavior, driven by understanding of a highly developed sense of emotional intelligence, is one of the most important predictors of organizational performance. During this session, the presenters will share the key behaviors needed to connect healthcare organization team members in the highly developed interpersonal relationships that drive the behaviors necessary to create a culture of healthcare performance excellence. You will learn how the impact of unprofessional and dysfunctional relationships is at the heart of the lack of improvement in healthcare delivery models and medical error reduction initiatives. This program will identify the cause of and offer a remedy for closing the gap between consistent leadership behavior, care provider engagement and integration, and sustained organizational performance. You will discover how when organizations achieve high levels of behavioral performance they achieve a high level of performance excellence in outcome measurements related to patient safety, error reduction and improved financial outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover why sustainable excellence rests on the adaptability of an organization’s workforce.
  • Identify the cause of and the remedy for closing the gap between consistent leadership behavior and sustained organizational performance.