About the Session

Many successful healthcare executives have wonderful stories about how their network helped them throughout their careers. You’d love to have similar stories to share, but you’re not quite sure how to develop your network. This session will help by jump-starting you on a renewed networking journey. You’ll identify specific targets to focus your networking strategy and identify people who can help you clarify your ambitions, positions you wish to explore and places where you can envision working. You will narrow your networking to a refined strategy, and, with your strategy in place, you’ll develop specific tactics to maximize your networking efforts. You also will develop plans for connecting with your targets, processes for effectively managing all these new relationships and protocols to ensure you present your best self at all times. You will leave with specific tools to develop your network, having practiced the tools during this session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify specific targets, including people, positions and places, to focus your networking strategy.
  • Develop specific tactics to maximize your networking efforts.